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creating financial solutions ... "Money does not make decisions, you do." for the 21st century fostering economic development in new and emerging markets helping to expand the availability of housing ... our goal is to help you in developing countries
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We promote economic development through the citizen sector (free of government control) in Latin America and the Caribbean by assisting with financing solutions to the most critical challenges facing the unindustrialized world today.

Canaan International Consulting helps to invest in sustainable private enterprises in developing countries without government guarantees. The financing is direct to businesses.



Offering solutions to improve entrepreneurship and growth of different economic activities through digital marketing tools.

Digital Marketing

We are a financial services company with a regional presence, specialists in Investment Banking, we structure and provide comprehensive advice to obtain resources through debt and capital.

We help you with your real estate, residential and / or commercial needs

Commercial and Residential Real Estate

Insurance Services


Specialist in Immigration and Civil Litigation. We represent investors, venture capitalists, foreign companies, foreign citizens, students, families, businesses, and corporate affairs throughout the United States in relation to immigration.

Legal Advice, Immigration Law

Carlos J. Berrocal brings the same focus and work ethic he brought to his time as an Olympic swimmer to the business, real estate, construction and development, employment and related areas of law.

Legal Advice, Real Estate Law

Our background encompasses, management, curriculum development, online education, educational technology and expertise in licensing and accreditation. We provide fast and professional results.


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18501 Pines Boulevard, Suite 308 Pembroke Pines, Florida 33029
Phone: +1(954) 362-6909
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